QuikTicket is an enhanced way to play slots, where you can access your cash without debit account daily withdrawal limits. QuikTicket is simple, secure, fast and convenient.

How to purchase a QuikTicket:

Insert your Debit Card into ATM
Select Language
Select Transaction: ATM Cash Withdrawal, Cash Advance from Cashier, or Purchase Gaming Ticket
Select Purchase Gaming Ticket
Enter PIN
Select Amount
Upon bank approval, receive receipt and Gaming Ticket
Gaming Ticket can then be used at slot machines or cashed out at a kiosk or Cashier Cage

*If debit cash withdrawal is first attempted but declined due to exceeding daily limit, select “Other Options” and proceed with “Purchase Gaming Ticket.” Applicable fees may need to be accepted. 

  • Must be 21 years or older.
  • Must have a valid Unity by Hard Rock card.
  • Must provide two (2) forms of government issued ID (at least one with a photo).
  • Must have sufficient funds in selected bank account.


Frequently Asked Questions

QuikTicket is considered a POS (Point of Sale) Debit Card purchase. Patrons are essentially buying a Gaming Voucher rather than withdrawing cash from their debit account. This allows patrons to circumvent ATM daily cash withdrawal limits that most banks apply to debit cards.

A QuikTicket is POS (Point of Sale) debit card purchase, similar to buying a TV or book from a retail store using your debit card and PIN. Patrons are essentially buying a Gaming Ticket with their debit card and PIN. For credit card cash advances, these are considered cash advances, and may result in additional fees from your bank. Patrons are also required to show ID and retrieve the cash from the cashier cage for cash advance transactions. QuikTicket transactions can be completed at the kiosk with only a debit card and PIN.

QuikTicket is a single transaction type that is a POS (Point of Sale) debit card transaction. It is similar to purchasing a product using your debit card and PIN at a retail store.

To perform a QuikTicket transaction, visit an ATM and select “Purchase Gaming Ticket” from the Main Menu after inserting your card. Or, if declined from another transaction due to reasons such as “Exceeds Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit,” you may be prompted to try “Other Options.” Select “Purchase Gaming Ticket” to complete a QuikTicket transaction.

When you are declined from an ATM cash withdrawal transaction due to reasons such as Exceeds Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit, you may be prompted to try “Other Options.” In this case, a QuikTicket transaction will offer a way to get around and exceed ATM daily withdrawal limits by offering a POS debit card purchase transaction where you are purchasing a Gaming Ticket. To perform this transaction, select “Purchase Gaming Ticket” on the “Other Options” screen.

QuikTicket transactions can be performed for amounts ranging from $20 up to $2,499. They can be in $1 increments, so values such as $21 are allowed. Popular amounts may be available on quick buttons, but you are able to enter custom amounts by selecting the “Other” button and typing in your amount on the PIN pad.

The maximum allowable printed Gaming Ticket limit is $2,499. Additionally, your bank may limit the amount and decline the transaction if the amount is greater than the balance of your debit card’s associated checking account.

Yes, there are patron fees associated with QuikTicket transactions, as follows:

  • $0-$198 Transaction: $7.95 Flat Patron Fee
  • $198.01+ Transaction: $1.95 Transaction Fee + 4% of Requested Amount
  • Example: For a $250 transaction, the Patron Fee would be $11.95 (4% of $250 + $1.50 Transaction Fee)

If the first ATM cash withdrawal transaction was declined, and you selected to perform an “Other Options—Purchase Gaming Ticket” transaction, the fee for the first declined transaction will not apply, and only the fee from the “Purchase Gaming Ticket” transaction will be applied.

Yes, since this is a POS (Point of Sale) debit transaction, a PIN is required for this transaction type.

A PIN is required by the banking institutions to perform a POS (Point of Sale) debit transaction. This is for the safety and security of the card holder.

Patrons are only required to enter their PIN one time for a fresh QuikTicket Transaction. However, if a patron first attempted an ATM cash withdrawal transaction and it was declined, then the patron selects to perform an “Other Option” and selects “Purchase Gaming Ticket”, the patron will be prompted to enter their PIN again. This is because patrons are now performing a second transaction, after the initial declined transaction.

Yes, if you would like to view your debit card account balance before performing a QuikTicket transaction, you must perform a separate ATM balance transaction. To do this, insert your card and select “ATM Cash Withdrawal”, and select “Yes” at the “View Account Balances?” screen. Then select “Print Balances” to print the balance info, or press “Cancel” on the PIN pad to exit the transaction.

Once a QuikTicket Gaming Ticket is purchased at the kiosk, the Gaming Ticket will immediately print out of the printer on the kiosk. This ticket can be used at slot machines, or cashed out at a kiosk or the Cashier Cage.