How to earn Unity Points

Get ready to earn Unity Points with every qualifying purchase at our participating locations. But that's not all - as you earn, you'll accumulate Tier Credits unlocking exclusive benefits and rewards.

Discover Where to Earn


Earn Unity Points and Tier Credits while enjoying exclusive member-only rates for your stay at our hotels, resorts, or casino hotels.


Earn Unity Points and Tier Credits at our cafes, where legendary food meets local memorabilia


Earn Unity Points and Tier Credits while playing your favorite slot machines or table games at our casinos and casino hotels.

Rock Shops

Earn Unity Points and Tier Credits at Rock Shops worldwide or on our online store – either way, you're racking up rewards.


Earn Unity Points and Tier Credits at participating restaurants located in our hotels, resorts, casinos, and casino hotels.

Hard Rock Games

Players in the free mobile and online gaming products from Hard Rock Games can now earn Unity Points and Tier Credits. To start earning, connect your Unity account to any of the 5 unique Hard Rock Games products and start playing today!

Rack up Unity Points

Earn Unity Points† on qualifying spend every time you game, purchase food, buy merchandise, or stay the night at one of our hotels and resorts.


Earn 3 Unity Points for every qualifying $1 spent at participating Cafes, non-casino Hotels and Rock Shops


Earn 1 Unity Point for every qualifying $1 spent on all other non-gaming spend in participating Casinos.


Earn Unity Points* on gaming in participating Casinos.

*Earning rates at Casinos vary by location.

†Your Unity Points will remain active as long as you’ve made a qualifying purchase within the last 180 days.
Redeeming Unity Points will not keep your unspent points from expiring.

Build your status

As you climb the ranks of the Unity Tiers, experience a world of exclusive perks and tailored benefits.

Explore All Benefits

Unity by Hard Rock Star Tier
0–3,999 Tier Credits

Your introduction to Unity includes discounts, presale access, offers, gifts, and more. It's easy to start receiving the Star treatment, and it's available worldwide at participating locations.

Unity by Hard Rock Legend Tier
4,000–14,999 Tier Credits

From the casino floor to being first at the door, Legend members enjoy everything that Star members do, and then some. This includes member-only hotel rates, special cafe benefits, and more.

Unity by Hard Rock Icon Tier
15,000+ Tier Credits

Icon members are Hard Rock through and through and enjoy the benefits of Legends, and then some. From priority treatment in the casino to VIP hotel-lounge access, Icon members who eat, live, and breathe the Hard Rock life get rewarded with Unity.

Unity by Hard Rock X Tier

We've saved our very best for the very best. This bespoke Tier is whatever our members want it to be – think exclusivity and personalized service. X members have the opportunity to experience the world through the lens of a VIP, and we're here to make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tier Credits are a measure of your progress toward your next Unity Tier status. They are earned based on your total gaming or non-gaming qualifying spend in a calendar year (January 1st through December 31st). You earn 1 Tier Credit for every $1 spent in participating cafes and hotels, as well as on dining and retail outside of the cafe. Tier Credit earning rates will vary at each casino based on your game play.  Total annual tier Credits = Tier Score.  Your Tier Score will reset at the beginning of each year.   

Unity Points are earned every time you game, purchase food, buy merchandise, or stay the night at one of our Hard Rock hotels. Unity Points work just like cash at any participating Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming location.

You can earn 3 Unity Points for every $1 spent in any participating cafe and non-casino hotel, and 1 Unity Point for every $1 spent on all other non-gaming spend in casinos. Unity Point earning rates for gaming at our casinos will vary at each casino based on your individual game play.

Log in to Unity by Hard Rock website or the Unity mobile app to check your Tier Credits and Unity Points balances, plan future visits, access special promotions, and much more!

You can also check your Tier Credit and Unity Point balances at a player’s club or kiosk where available at participating locations.

Members can earn Tier Credits and Unity Points for a qualifying stay of up to three (3) rooms per night (member’s room and two (2) additional rooms) within the same participating location.

A qualifying stay means a stay at a participating location (excluding any non-qualifying stay) at public or non-public rates, including advanced purchase rates, corporate packaged rates, and government rates booked directly.

Hotel rooms booked through a tour operator or other third-party channel including at a group rate as part of an event, meeting conference or organized tour, at a tour operator, wholesaler, or crew room rate, at a business, employee or friends and family rate, or if the guest room was provided complimentary, are not considered qualifying stays, and will not earn Unity Tier Credits or Unity Points.

Tier Credits are earned within a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and are used to calculate your Unity Tier status which starts on the following March 1st.

Tier Status must be earned each year to maintain your status for the following calendar year.

Your Tier Credits will always reset to 0 on January 1 each year.

To learn more, read our Unity Program Terms & Conditions.

Your Tier Status is valid for 14 months. The calculation of your Unity Tier status is based on each calendar year earnings. 

To learn more, read our Unity Program Terms & Conditions.


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